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A single source, preconstruction planning service for middle-market (Tier 2) renovations valued between $250K and $3M and designed for corporate, academic, and healthcare campuses.


The Need:

With budget and revenue stream dwarfing the cost of construction, the greatest need lies in middle market construction. Valued between $250K and $3M, middle market construction comprises 80 percent of the general construction market and is therefore the primary source of business for architects/contractors.


Phase I - Program Phase / Interview

Function . . . review input from end-users and their consultants.

Budget . . . source and use of funds, revenue stream, return on investment. Guaranteed prices in the planning phase, making it easier to communicate with capital planning.

Schedule . . . support the communications between financial management and facility management, because the business goal is usually to get the facility and its services into operation as soon as possible.

Furniture / IT . . . the way that we move, collect, and record information is changing rapidly but chaotically . . . we should at least have an awareness of up-to-date knowledge of all new applications.

Relationships . . . the owners gets to accept the team members and will give us the names of service providers that they wish to have included and have had a good experience with.


Client Benefits:

Improved communication between facility manager, financial manager, Capital Planning Committee (CPC), and end user (FUNCTION).

Relationships . . . we will work with the owner to put the team together for the interview process, considering choice of architect, electrician, mechanical contractor, owner’s operation and maintenance staff.

Documenting the value of working with existing owner/client relationships, especially on renovation, retrofit, relocate projects.

Best-of-the-best service providers, credit-worthy, with the ability to adjust to cash-flow requirements.

Eliminate surprise extras, change orders, delays, litigation, and utilize less contingencies by a more specific application.








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